Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

While exploring our free teen chat sites and our teen chat app, you might have some questions that need answers. This section of our website is dedicated to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). You may be able to find the answers to most things that you're looking for on our site. Remember that not everything is listed but the most common questions can be answered here.

Absolutely not! You'll never need an account to sign onto any of our free chat rooms. By registering you do unlock some extra's on the website, but the main attractions are all on the chat client. Traditional text chat, audio chat, video chat, giphy, public chat, private chat, and so much more.

Depending on what you did, you may just need to wait out your ban! Moderators, and the Security services that we use are accurate and each ban is up to their descretion. We do allow you to appeal the ban, and the link for that will be posted soon.

Of course you can! That's one of the features that's enabled when you register. Once you register you have the option through our application process to have your own chat room! We can make you a custom link that will lead directly to your chat room. That way you and your friends can have a jolly ole time together!