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You can select any free chat room below to instantly be connected with other teens from all over the world. Our online chat rooms are made for boys and girls ages 13-19, and there are teens from the United States, England, Australia, Canda and many other places that choose our teen chat app every day. You'll find cool things to do in our chat room like trivia (with over 200,000 questions!), traditional text chat, audio chat, video chat, and lots of other goodies like GIPHY and instant video sharing so that you and your friends can watch the latest YouTube videos together, and you can even post reels from Instagram and Tiktok. Some people might ask are chat rooms still around? Of course they are. You can join any of the live chat rooms we have online and see for yourself.

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While our chat rooms are built around a traditional text system, we offer the best audio chat rooms and video chat rooms thanks to our free live chat software. Our lightning fast and insanely safe chat server has the capabilities to let you see whos on the other side of the screen with the latest webRTC technology. This simply means that you and your friends don't need to have Discord open, or Skype while you're chatting. You can join in on the audio chat with another person or in a group setting while you're playing your online games. Talk about revolutionary. Long gone are the days when you needed to sign into 5 different apps to accomplish the same task.

Also don't forget that you can utilize our live chat in the public chat room and/or the private chat!

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TeenChatHouse not only provides the best teen chat for desktops and but it also offers the best mobile chat rooms. You can stay connected while on the go in our mobile chat rooms, and you don't have to worry about being compatable. Our chat software functions with the best speed, and graphics with most smart phone mobile devices, and browsers. Enjoy the most of our chat room by signing on with your Apple iPhone or Google Android devices!

You can find all of our mobile chat rooms by checking our full chat room list. All of our chat rooms are compatabile with mobile. Sign on anytime from anywhere.

Message to all the parents

While your teen is on our chat network, you can expect that our staff is busy at work maintaining order and moderation to prevent any bad actors from gaining access to our chat rooms and our forums. Although we have A.I. and volunteer moderators working hard to prevent abusive actors from spamming, posting illegal content, and soliciting we could also use your help. Our main priority is keeping our youth safe and providing a safe place for teens to seek the social interation they need.

While we do our best to monitor traffic and prevent any scenes from happening, it's in every parents best interest if your teen is involved in online chat rooms, that you also check up and join these chat rooms to see what content is being posted. While we do not allow adults in the teen chat room, we do have a general chat room that parent's are more than welcome to come chat in. With your understanding and continued support, we can continue providing a safe, healthy, friendly, and respectful environment for our teenagers. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or if you'd like to apply to be a moderator, please check out our help form.

On behalf of all the staff on Teen Chat House, we thank you for your time!