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Welcome To Teen Chat House.com
Welcome and thank you for visiting TeenChatHouse.com
We offer a completely FREE chat experience for teens from all over the world.
Our chat rooms are supported by our sponsors whose advertisements you will see here on the site. There is no sing-up required, we do not ask for your email address or any personal information from you. Simply choose where you want to chat from the menu above, enter a nickname, click connect and start chatting!

Please keep in mind that your safety is up to you! You should never give out any personal information such as phone numbers, address, real name or anything which could be used to locate you. People in the chat room only know as much about you as you tell them.

If you need help feel free to enter the Live Help Room or drop us an Email.You can add us to your Favorites or Bookmark us for an easy return to the chat site! You may also make us your Homepage! This way as soon as you open your browser the chat site will automatically be displayed!

We truly hope you enjoy chatting here and we hope you return often. Remember: our goal is to provide you a fun, FREE, hassles chat experience without the needs to sign-up for anything or even give out your email address!

By enter the chat room agree to the Terms, Conditions & rules.



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A few tips to keep you safe and having fun:
First, and most important, always protect yourself!
Never give out any personal information such as phone number(s), address, real name, credit card numbers, passwords or anything else that could be used to locate you. People on the chat server know only what you tell them, so your safety is in your hands.

To talk to someone in a private chat (p2p, person-2-person) double click their name;
A separate window will open allowing you to speak to that person in private will still being able to speak in the main public chat room.

Please be respectful to others while in the chat room. Do not type in ALL CAPITAL letters; this is viewed as yelling and people may get upset with you. Do not flood the screen with your text, actions or sounds; doing so may cause you to be kicked from the room or disconnected from the chat server. If you need help you may join the Help room located at the top of the rooms list (to see the list of rooms currently open on the chat server click the Rooms tab on the chat applet). While do believe in and support your freedom of speech and expression we, as well as others, also believe in and expect common courtesy and respect.

You may register your name so that only you may use the name. To register your name type: /profile or simply double click your own name. Once the window opens you may enter a password and click Register. You should use a password which is not easy for someone to guess, that way, no one will be able to steal your nickname by guessing the password. You may fill out your profile with various information about yourself, but again, do not put any Personal information on your profile.

For more help, a list of commands, as well as an FAQ please click here.

Have Fun and Come Back to Teen Chat House Anytime!

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